Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quid Pro Quo...


My OB wants me to get a Flu Shot, and my husband agrees.  I am a bit confused by this request.  I am to stay clear of foods with mercury in them, and now they want to inject me with dead influenza viruses mixed with Thimerosal (and additive that is MERCURY based).  Am I losing my mind?
Not only that, but I have not really been one for western medicine when my illness is a minor as a cold or flu.  I have never had a flu shot.  I feel paranoid.  I was told that it is good for the baby, because they don't get immunizations for the first 6 months.  Which I understand.  However, is there a shot that is mercury free.  I would sob, if I had received the shot, and then my baby had autism (which is linked to the shot)!

Any recommendations?  Anyone read this?

I told Kirk, I ill get one, if he gets one.  A little quid pro quo action.  And even he is hesitant.