Thursday, April 8, 2010

Write here! Write NOW!/ L-O-V-E!

As I am typing this, it is snowing downtown. Or it just snowed rather. For 5 minutes, in April. Hello Springtime, it's been awhile.

While staring out into the light snow from my 9th floor window at work moments ago, I am reminded of the snow that we had in December 2008 through January 2009. I was extremely pregnant, and Kirk often attempted to forbode me from journeying out in the sleet and snow. I would shake my head in a yes motion, and say "maybe" out loud and with a giant grin on my face. There is nothing I like more than snow. I was raised around snow. I'm an Oregonian. I come from salt-of-the-earth people, and I think that Kirk sometimes forgot. Though, I could understand his concern. So, when I left our small bungalow on top of the steep walkway, I slid. I slid on my ass in my giant red parka, my snow boots, and maternity jeans. Then I would wander around and be as happy as a brown bear. Where was I going with that? OH! Pregnancy. It was mere months before our son was to arrive.

One year and some months later, we are celebrating his first birthday! Kirk and I were in shock when April 5th rolled around. Where did the year go? It was hard to recall the things that we had accomplished. Yet, I remember the feeling of moving mountains. I guess all that I would have to do is scroll down our blog to refresh my memory.
I remember being up early, because I had quite the daunting "to do" list. I heard faint laughter coming from his crib, so I went to grab him while singing him Happy Birthday a minimum of 10 times. We played, cleaned, did 4 loads of laundry, went grocery shopping. I bought this big piece of thick poster board and some permanent markers, so that everyone could right a note to Kiddo. I need to get a frame for it. I thought it would be a fun idea. I made homemade macarroni and cheese (with Smoked Guyerre, Muenster, Cheddar and Cauliflour and ham). It turned out pretty darn good. My bestie Sarah and her husband, Damien arrived early to help. Lauren brought cupcakes, and everyone brought snacks here and there. Natalie brought Ezell's Chicken which made Kirk's millenium. He loves it.
I want to say how fortunate that we are to have so many amazing friends. In life we all have the option to choose who we surround ourselves with. I believe that Kirk and I have done an amazing job. We have so many beautiful and ecclectic "brothers and sisters". Kiddo has so many of the most amazing Aunts and Uncles. We would not have it any other way. We have all shared in each others lives. Our own chapters, that bob and weave with others. It is a wonderful blessing! We had a great turn out for his birthday. He was so excited by the attention, though at first he was a bit unsure of what was going on. We all enjoyed the company.
Kiddo opened his presents, we sang Happy Birthday one last time and blew out his candle. Though, Uncle Nate had a shiny green ball, so Kiddo was not having anything to do with his first sugar cupcake. Which was fine with us. We later put him down for bed, and proceeded to visit with our family!

I have to explain Fort Kiddo. Grandma Lydia got Kiddo a bigger car seat for his birthday, because, well... he out grew his at 7 months old. The kid is loooong. (We took him to his 1 year wellness check-up and he was 22lbs and 34in). When we unpacked said carseat, he wanted nothing to do with the seat itself, so Kirk cut out his very first fort. This reminded me of my Grandma and/ or Grandpa taking us to the Maytag Wherehouse for giant (to us kids at the time) refridgerator boxes. We would set up a whole town in our Grandparent's yard in the summer, and just camp out. Those were good memories. We cannot wait to create memories like that for Kiddo.

As far as the Huffman's go as a whole, we are quite content. Kirk and I have been working like crazy. Kay Kay is touring with Damien Jurado in June, so we have been making Kiddo-sitting plans, and attempting to getting ahead a bit financially. My job has been fantastic. Busy, and I like it that way. We have been chasing Kiddo around since he was 11 months old. He is getting more and more swift everyday! It's baffling. New words, adult foods, bigger clothes, a favorite stuffed animal (that I swear he calls Barkbark), a new love for Yo Gabba Gabba, and just an all around happy demeanor! Cohen the cat is by my side always. I think he is feeling a bit left out. On Kiddo's birthday he was loving on everyone to the point where I had to put him away, and if anyone knows our cat (he is an ass), that does not happen often.

Below are photos of Kiddo's birthday and a link to my youtube!

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